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RMS 11-14-14 | Your Grammar Stinks, Football, and Fame

This weeks show was hosted by Coco Hernandez (Veronica Robertson) and Ralph Garcy (Zach Taylor). First up Stephen Chambers showed us what happens when people...


RMS Star Wars theme show, JJ Horigan and Chris White host. Click here to watch the show.

Brain Day, Prom, and Senior Trip

This week's show was hosted by Evan Johnson, and Veronica Robertson. Austin Marsdale took us around Brain Day and Multi-Cultural Day. David Thomas showed...

Live From Disney?

Steve Mathis produced and directed the live shoot with Ryan Fitzgerald, Kara Tabor and an animated Tyler Coskery. Andy Kirkwood, Mike Pridgen and Ryan...

Shawnee Extra Winter Edition 2015

0:15 Jazz Band 2:33 Girls Basketball 4:46 Shawnee Extra 6:37 Wrestling 8:33 Bowling 10:32 Newspaper Club 12:45 Animal Welfare Club 14:39 Swimming 16:46 Robotics Club 18:50 Musical 20:57 Stage Crew 22:50 Boys Basketball

Like, lots of umm segments.

On this edition of the Renegade Morning Show, Braedon Yoncak debuts along side senior host Gabi Flamini. The show starts off with an awesome...

Andrew Meyers- Shawnee TV Class of 97′ Pro Gaffer

Andrew Meyers shared his experience in the profession with Shawnee TV Wednesday after school. Getting your foot in the door and breaking into the...

1/27/14 The Shawnee Vault, Puns, and Midterms

This week's show was hosted by Kevin Jung and Veronica Robertson. Kevin Jung asked Shawnee about the "Shawnee Vault". Justin Boswick and Lisa Capasso...

Melissa CANNOT lick her elbow!

Mike Moraglia and Mikey Conover created an astonishing stop motion intro and Lauren Carr and Melissa Storm host the show. Next, Megan Swiatkowski, produced...


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This week's show gets Shawnee High pumped up for the first pep rally in two years. Cookie Monster hits the hallways as cheerleaders Lauren...

Shawnee TV Talent Try Out

Virtual RMS 9/21/20

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Renegade Morning Show – December 10, 2021

Nick Cappello and Tyler Oman are our hosts for this week's show. To open the show we have Hannah talking to Coach Riddle about...

Are You Ready for Halloween???

On this episode of the Renegade Morning Show, first time talent Amanda Martin co-hosted with Craig Schwait, as Shawnee begins to prepare for Halloween...

Short Day, Long Show

The students at Shawnee had a half day at school today, however, Shawnee TV got to produce an extended length show! We started off...

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