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Tori Panetta and Chris White as hosts, Dana Spera with lunch, sports promos, Dr. Gerry Archuleta tribute. Click here to watch the show.

LDTV Awards, Renegames, and Costa Rica

This week's LDTV award winning Renegade Morning Show was hosted by Chris Giuseppini and Eileen Kenny. We saw two recaps of this year's Renegames,...

Short Day, Long Show

The Word Search

2015 LDTV Award Winner for Best Documentary by Justin Boswick.

I’m Sayin’ all the Sophomores Know, Know…

Last Friday's show kicked off with another look at the Crystal Apple Awards Essay Contest, before Meg Swiatkowski and Wayne Wanzor gave us the...

Renegade Morning Show – Shawnee Hot Takes

Join us as Nick Cappello and Shawnee Math Teacher Mr. O'Keefe eat spicer wings from PJ Whelihans as the interview has even "hotter" questions....

Newspaper Promo

Renegade Morning Show 3-8-24

🌅 Good morning, Shawnee! Welcome to another episode of the Renegade Morning Show. Today, March 8, marks Day 3, and we're thrilled to have...

Renegade Morning Show 12-13-19

We had an early morning on Friday with Medford's Memorial Middle School coming in to see our production of the RMS. After the show...

RMS | 3/21/13 Job Fair, #relaxinwithjackson, and Disney!

This week's show was hosted by Sam Mitchell and Katie Carr. We saw a promo for this year's job fair. Jackson Flynn answered some...


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RMS | Give Kids The World, Flyers Hype, Top 5 Video...

This week's show was hosted by Ratso Finkle (Matt Holmes) and Mrs. Clinger (Veronica Robertson) from the Shawnee Fall Drama Captain Fantastic. We've got a...

Welcome Back!

Renegames 2013!

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RMS 12-19-14 | What’s Important, Winter Photo Show, Five Second Interviews,...

The penultimate episode, this weeks show was hosted by Victor Flamini and Veronica Robertson. First up was the return of What's Important with new co-host...

Jammin for Charity, Prelude to Senior Spring Break, FCA Showdown and...

Today's show featured a special live performance from the Flapjacks followed by the Jammin for Charity recap produced by Gabe Gollub. Melissa Storm and...

This I Believe Music Video

Today's show was hosted by the fabulous Andy Kirkwood and Tanner Fuimaono. Chris Biehn interviewed Alexis Martin for his new segment Shawnee Superstars. A...

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