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#ContentCreator #Filmmaker #DigitalArtist #Storyteller

We meet every Tuesday.
Drop by the studio anytime.
Take the class. (Television Broadcasting 1,2,3)

We brainstorm ideas and get to work.
Sometimes we write, sometimes we interview, sometimes we improvise.

We use cell phones, cameras, microphones and apps to create media for all the social platforms- Youtube, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and

If you want to...

-Learn gear and apps (FCPX Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects)
-Tell stories for your cause
-Be in front of the camera
-Create behind the camera
-Learn live broadcasting
-Produce sports broadcasts

...stop by the studio anytime.

Interested in 14 college credits for taking TV Broadcasting classes?
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Club Information

The TV Tech Club meets every Tuesday at 2:15 PM in the TV Studio (located in A111).
Production meetings are on the first day of the week where we plan filming assignments for upcoming events. Students also help film and produce the "Renegade Morning Show." New members are always welcome, just show up on any Tuesday.
Shawnee TV Officers

President: Hannah Meyer
Vice-President: Darren West
Recording Secretary: John Oleniacz
Treasurer: Steven Estacio


Mr. Brian Pistone
Mr. Christian Hochenberger
Studio Calendar

Shawnee Wake Up: Monday-Thursday
Renegade Morning Show: Fridays