Renegade Morning Show – December 7, 2023


🌟 Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping episode of The Renegade Morning Show! In today’s action-packed special, Medford Memorial’s middle schoolers face off against Shawnee’s ultimate team in a series of minute-to-win-it challenges. Who will emerge victorious in the epic games of Spoon Scooper and Loud Mouth? Find out as hosts Joel, Jessica, and Hannah guide you through the thrilling competition. Stick around for exclusive behind-the-scenes insights and a glimpse into Shawnee’s Creative Digital Media program. Plus, join Zach Bratz in Cool Factz as he unveils intriguing details about Memorial Middle School. Don’t miss the crowning of Teacher of the Year and Educational Service Professional of the Year! Tune in, subscribe, and hit the bell for more Renegade Morning Show excitement! 🎉 #GameShow #MiddleSchoolShowdown #RenegadeMorningShow