Renegade Morning Show – December 15, 2023


🌅 Good Morning Shawnee! 🌅 Join Max and Jess on today’s Renegade Morning Show for a festive dose of holiday cheer! 🎄 🎶 First up, we dive into the spirit of the season with a delightful chorus performance featuring some classic holiday tunes! Next, a quick look into what life would look like as a Creative Digital Media Student! 🩸 Shoutout to our community heroes! The Blood Drive segment highlights the incredible impact of your generosity. Applause to all who participated! 👏 As we wrap up today’s show, Max and Jess express their gratitude and remind us to tune in every Monday to Thursday for the Shawnee Wake-Up and every Friday for the Renegade Morning Show. Spread the joy by liking, commenting, and subscribing! 🎉✨ Stay tuned for more holiday fun and surprises. Happy holidays, Renegades! 🌟 #RenegadeMorningShow #HolidayCheer