Renegade Morning Show – December 1, 2023


🌞 Good Morning, Shawnee! Welcome to the Renegade Morning Show with your hosts, Hannah and Elena! 🎉 Join us for a lively episode packed with exciting segments and announcements. 🩸 Blood Drive Announcement: Starting off strong, Angie Cooker and Kasey Abbott share a special announcement about the upcoming Blood Drive. 🎤 Man On The Street: Next up, it’s the ever-entertaining Man On The Street segment! 🙏 Gratitude Montage: Reflect on the heartwarming moments of gratitude! Before the break, Shawnee celebrated the act of gratitude, and you, our wonderful viewers, filled out a post it. Don’t forget to check out Shawnee TV’s Instagram page, @shawneetvinsta, and for the latest news and updates.