Renegade Morning Show – November 22, 2023


🦃🎉 Gather ’round, Shawnee! President Tyler and the pardoned turkey, Gobbles, extend a warm welcome to the Thanksgiving Shawnee Morning Show! 🇺🇸🍂 In this special episode, Gobbles shares his thoughts on Thanksgiving, challenging the norm with his turkey-inspired perspective. Despite Gobbles’ reservations, the President ensures an entertaining show awaits. 🔍 Segments Include: Cool Facts Zach Braatz: Delve into intriguing and FBI-verified facts about Thanksgiving. Gobbles is curious about the topic, adding a feathery touch to the episode. Man on the Street by Max Gasik – Thanksgiving Manners: Gobbles might not be a fan of the holiday, but the President introduces a video discussing Thanksgiving manners. Gobbles, though disappointed, can’t resist sharing his own “manner” recommendation: “Eat more ham.” Gratitude Segment by Hannah Short: The President enlightens Gobbles on the true essence of Thanksgiving, showcasing teachers and administrators expressing gratitude for family and friends. Gobbles questions if teachers feel the same, leading to a heartwarming revelation. 🦃🤗 Happy Thanksgiving, Shawnee!