RMS 11-27-19

Nick Wagner (left), Matt Baker (Middle), and Tommy Cahill (right)

Happy Thanksgiving Eve! Today’s Renegade Morning Show was a flawless show. After running 3 tech rehearsals, we ran a perfect show with no hiccups. A great way to start the last half day before the 4 day weekend.

Jordan in the middle of the dance floor getting the inside scoop

Starting off with our segment recap, Jordan and Matt went to homecoming this past weekend to see what was really going on. In the end they concluded that one person’s favorite color was red and another person’s was rubber ducks (I didn’t know that was even a color).

Weekly Wins Graphic courtesy of John Oleniacz

Nick Wagner’s newest series, Weekly Wins, highlights Shawnee’s sports activities on a weekly bases (get it? WEEKLY wins) This week Nick and Tommy covered upcoming winter sports and also talked about Shawnee and Lenape’s tradition of the Thanksgiving day game.

Chris telling us how many points he’s about to score

Shawnee’s basketball team held tryouts last week, but sadly Chris missed them. To make up for it, he put together a hilarious tryout tape to let the coaches know how dedicated he is. We will keep you up to date about if he makes the team.

Matt Richardson interviewing John Oleniacz

Finally, Matt Richardson and Robert Dovi went out for a classic man on the street style segment asking students what they are thankful for. Some of the answers we got were Turkey, parents, Tesla’s Cyber Truck, and Gogurt

Great work to everyone that helped with today’s production. Let’s have more shows just as perfect as this one. Well that’s all for today, tune in every Monday through Thursday for the Shawnee Wake Up and every Friday for the Renegade Morning Show. Have a great weekend!