Renegade Morning Show 11-15-19


With the Fall Drama this weekend, Shawnee TV produced 3 great segments highlighting different aspects of the play for the Renegade Morning Show and also an out-of-the-ordinary segment to mix it up.

First up was a promotional video made by Danny Krastek showing lots of fun scenes and giving us the information about times, dates and pricing

Next up, Matt Richardson asked the Tech crew some questions to get an insight about how much they do for the show

Essie Scrooge, played by Emily Bosco, answering the interview questions

Finally, Megan, Ellie, Angelina and Mary talked to some of the leads in the fall drama to hear their side of the story. Great job on your first segment girls!

Danny Krastek, victim of CSD

Also first time Renegade Morning Show Producer, Noah Harrison, put together a PSA about CSD (Compulsive Singing Disorder)

The control room, in the middle of the show, watching Matt Richardson’s Tech Crew segment

Great job to our first time Renegade Morning Show director, Jade Reader, for running a perfect show. Plus a huge shout-out to our two hosts this morning: Emily Bosco and Olivia Franken. The leads in the Fall Drama and former TV Tech students

Emily Bosco (Left) and Olivia Franken (Right)