Halloween Show! 10-31-19


Happy Halloween! Today we ran our Halloween Special Renegade Morning Show! Shawnee ran a Halloween parade and we were able to have 2 hosts (Tommy Cahill aka Tony Stark and Nick Wagner aka a Hawaiian) out there to cover the action

Robert doing last minute audio adjustments to make sure everyone was sounding good, while Tommy was practicing his interviews
Tommy and Nick interviewing Mr. Maira aka Tony Stark

In studio today we also had our 2 seniors as our hosts. It seemed like they had a lot of fun on their last Halloween Show!

Scott Minshall as Flyers player Eric Lindros and Hannah Meyer as herself, an angel
Floor Manager (Ben Barry) cuing in our hosts

On this morning’s show we also had a fantastic Stranger Things graphics package courtesy of John Oleniacz.

The opening looper that was shown preshow

We also had 5 great segments. Great work to all the producers this week!

Jordan and Matt educated us on what it’s like to be a Ghost at Shawnee. The 9-5 is not as glorious as it seems. Also featured in this picture is Jan
Danny Krastek went out and asked people what the scariest thing is. A popular response was “watching him on the morning show”
Wyatt Van-Parys was at Shawnee’s Safe Trick or Treat last Saturday and was a little underdressed
Here is a picture of senior, Asher Benjamin, in starring in his first segment of the 2019-2020 Season
A clip from ShawneeTVs first Tik-Tok post

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