RMS | Give Kids The World, Flyers Hype, Top 5 Video Games, and Captain Fantastic


This week’s show was hosted by Ratso Finkle (Matt Holmes) and Mrs. Clinger (Veronica Robertson) from the Shawnee Fall Drama Captain Fantastic.

We’ve got a fantastic show awaiting so lets delve in. The Give Kids The World club went to Give Kids The World Village in Florida recently to give back to those in need, Madison Heaton was able to show us the trip. John is back, but this time he has a purpose, to get the freshman excited for their class trip to the Flyers game. Switching Gears Zach Meyer ran through the Top 5 Video games of 2015 for us. Lastly, with cast members of Captain Fantastic hosting our show Sean Herb helped us sneak backstage to get a better look about the Show.

Enjoy the Show and have a Fan Fan Fantastic weekend Renegades!