RMS I 2015 Halloween Spooktacular


This week was our Halloween Show, where we not only had an in studio set with segments, but we were live in the halls of Shawnee for the annual Halloween Parade.

In our studio was The Giant Chicken (Matt Carpenter) and Dr. Stein from Soul Eater. (Zach Meyer) Getting the show right into gear we got to see a great recap from last week’s Pep Rally. Then, we checked in with our Hosts in the halls Prep Girl (Kelsey Haines) and Renegadeus (David Hamaty) to get ready for the Halloween Parade. Back in the studio we got to learn a little more about the Oculus Rift with Jared Herman. Once again the 5 Second Interviews team took to the halls of Shawnee to ask people about what they’re most afraid of. Talon Lauriello decided to take some favorite movie quotes, put them in google translate in Japanese, then back into English, which resulted in quite some interesting phrases. Afterward, we finally got back into the halls to check in on the Halloween Parade and see all the fabulous costumes. With the Parade closing out Dylan and Nadiv decided to teach us all a little something about Normality. Closing out our Spooky Show today was a throwback to some of ShawneeTV’s Halloween Show’s from the past few years.

Have A Happy Halloween Renegades!