RMS | Rube Goldberg, Hanging Out, and Short Films


This week’s show was hosted by Justin O’Donnell and Katie Carr.

We started our show with an insightful graphic opener by Sean Scannell. First up for our segments was a recap of the AP Physics 1’s Rube Goldberg, it was really epic. With summer just around the corner, Dylan Tollefson and Nadiv Steinberg attempted to find some Shawnee teachers willing to hang out with them. Afterwards, we took a look at some of this year’s TV Broadcasting Technology short films. First up was a short film by Tech 2 about time travel and fatherhood. Then, we displayed the Tech 3 short film about overcoming self inhibitions through dance. Lastly, we took a look at the other Tech 2 short film about dreams, but with a darker, redder twist.

Have a studious weekend Renegades!