RMS 10-9-14 Keyboards, Don’t Be Dan Two Per Van, Wingbowl Hype, and Respect


This Week’s Show is hosted by Hunter Smith and Katie Carr

First off we have a very interesting opener that makes the mind wonder. Our first segment is about the suggestive keyboard in ios8 provided by Dylan Tollefson and Nadiv Steinberg. Up next is another Photos of the Week. Afterwards, we have a segment about safe driving courtesy of David Hamaty, Madison LaPlante, and Dan Moral. Then, we get hyped up with a segment promoting the wingbowl by Ben Longjohn. Lastly, We have a message about Respect from Grace Gibson. Our closer is a reminder about Shawnee Marching Band.

Special thanks to Alex Day Dftba Records for his use of the song Good Morning Sunshine in this week’s Photo’s of the Week.