Happy Holidays from ShawneeTV!


On this week’s show, Zach McHale and Corey Smith hosted. We started off today’s show with Brad Teske’s special holiday intro. Next, Shawnee’s staff and students were asked what they plan on doing on their last day on earth. Then we took a look at the blood drive last week, and then asked Shawnee what their favorite holiday cookie is. We are addressed by the king of the Mayans on today’s show, explaining how accurate his prediction of the end of the world is. Connor and Zach have some trouble taking a photo for their holiday card for Mr. Campbell. Finally, we close the show with Shawnee Speed Script: Holiday Edition. Gabi Flamini performed and produced the holiday edition of our RMS theme song “Bullet Train”. (Original by Steven Swartz)

The ShawneeTV Crew would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday break!