Welcome Memorial Tech Program


Shawnee Tv had some very special guests today! The Memorial Middle School program came over to observe the Renegade Morning Show. They were a fantastic audience! The Memorial program also had the opportunity to run their own show after RMS. There are many talented students in our incoming class! Can’t wait till they are here! A special thanks to Ms. Ebbeson and Mr. Pistone for making the field trip happen.
In other news, Brandon Harris produced the New York City opener, Go Pro. This past Friday, Shawnee Tv and Shawnee Photo Clubs visited New York City to get some awesome pictures and shots. Ryan Snowden and Kacie Dunham hosted. Lauren Carr, Drew Wellenbusher, and Laura Holiday visited the Shawnee Blood Drive were students and staff donated hundreds of pints of blood. DJ Tourney and Mel Baker produced the WATCH STV segment and Lauren Carr, Drew Wellenbusher, and Ryan Snowden produced the what was your favorite part about Memorial in honor of our special guests. Chris Beihn produced an awesome wrestling segment! Be sure to come out and support the team this year in all their matches!

Click to watch the Full Show!

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