Season 11 Opening Show!


Welcome back to a new season of Shawnee Tv! In the first show ever of Season 11, Kara Tabor and Andy Kirkwood hosted. The show opened up with a segment produced by Connor Heine and Brody Miller that gave an inside view of what happens behind the scenes on the show after the mics shut off. Then came The Shawnee Tv Big Bang produced by Lauren Mathis. Mr. Pistone produced a touching segment based on Shawnee’s summer reading book, This I Believe. This I Believe will be a daily segment produced at Shawnee stating what Shawnee teachers and students believe. If you want to state what you believe, text or email us at We also had a segment on what the Freshman were most excited about for this year. It was a great show and a great start to the 2011-2012 school year.

Click to watch the Full Show!