More Old School


While cleaning out the vault, the Renegade Morning Show staff happened upon two classic episodes of the Renegade Morning Show.

Episode III – This is the third episode ever of the RMS. The show features Mike Virgilio (’02) and Josh Brilliant (’04) as hosts. Nick Zinn (’02) added weather and Dave Hangley (’04) reported on Shawnee sports. Anthony Bongrazio (’02) talked with Rose about lunch while Mike Daly (’02) lead the Trivia Squad. The show closed with a salute to another Philadelphia Eagles failed playoff run.

Episode IV – This is the fourth episode ever of the RMS. The show featured Mike Virgilio (’02) and Matt Gingell (’02) as hosts. Students from co-op offered a promotional plug and Ms. Fuoco provided an urgent guindance announcement. Perhaps the most notable segment was Peyton Ebbeson’s Olympic Update, a segment rumored to have aided in his landing a job as Bob Costa’s intern during the Torino Olympics. Anthony Bongrazio again added lunch, Nick Zinn provided weather, and Mike led the Trivia Squad. Also of note was Mike Virgilio’s opening and closing documenting his quest for a Valentine’s Day Dance date.