Renegade Morning Show 3-8-24


🌅 Good morning, Shawnee! Welcome to another episode of the Renegade Morning Show. Today, March 8, marks Day 3, and we’re thrilled to have you join us. 🎉 Happy International Women’s Day to all! What better way to celebrate than with two incredible women hosting today’s show? 🎥 Kicking off our program, we have a captivating vlog created by Shawnee TV students, documenting their recent field trip to Philadelphia. Join us as we delve into their immersive experience! 👏 The talent displayed in the vlog is truly commendable—a solid 10/10 in our books! 🎭 Before we proceed, let’s take a moment to acknowledge Zach Braatz and the stellar cast of “Singing in the Rain.” Bravo on a remarkable performance! 🧠 Now, onto another enlightening episode of Cool Factz! Prepare to expand your knowledge with these bite-sized insights. 🍪 Speaking of bites, indulge in some delicious snacks available at the Blood Drive for all donors. Let’s show our support for this worthy cause! 💉 A heartfelt thank you to all students who generously contributed to the Blood Drive, as well as to the dedicated members of the Student Council for organizing this annual event. Your efforts truly make a difference. 👏 Let’s extend our gratitude to the Student Council for their invaluable contribution to the success of the Blood Drive. 🎥 That wraps up today’s show, Shawnee! Remember to tune in every Monday to Thursday for the Shawnee Wake-Up and every Friday for the Renegade Morning Show. Wishing you all a fantastic weekend ahead! 🌟