Renegade Morning Show 3-15-24


🌅 Rise and shine, Shawnee! Welcome to another exciting episode of the Renegade Morning Show. Today, March 15, 2024, marks Day 4, and we’re thrilled to have you join us. I’m your host, Tyler Davis, and alongside me is Michael Dowd. 🎉 Let’s dive straight into the action! On Wednesday night, Shawnee hosted a special ceremony for our esteemed seniors, offering them a glimpse into a memorable experience. Congratulations to all the seniors who participated! 🎭 But wait, there’s more excitement on the horizon! Next week, prepare yourselves for a once-in-a-lifetime event at Shawnee—the Staff Talent Show! Join us in the auditorium for a night of awe-inspiring performances, with a lineup that will leave you breathless. 🎥 Our talented Hannah has crafted a captivating promo to entice you to join us at the Talent Show. Get ready to be blown away by what’s in store! 👏 That’s all for today, Shawnee! Remember to tune in every Monday to Thursday for the Shawnee Wake-Up and every Friday for the Renegade Morning Show. I’m your host, Tyler Davis and I’m Michael Dowd. Have a fantastic day, Shawnee! 🌟