Renegade Morning Show 2-23-24


🎙️ Rise and shine, Shawnee! Welcome to a special edition of the Renegade Morning Show. Today is Friday, February 23rd, and it’s Day 1. Kathy Selden, and Don Lockwood are guiding you through today’s exciting announcements and features! 📽️ Step into the future of digital media with our in-depth look at the Creative Digital Media program at Shawnee. Discover how students explore the realms of photography, graphic design, and video production while honing their creative skills and personal branding! 🎭 Dive into the world of musical theater with a sneak peek behind the scenes of our production of “Singin’ in the Rain”! Get exclusive interviews with the cast, crew, and tech team as they share their favorite moments and experiences. 🧠 Get ready to enhance your well-being with our upcoming Wellness Talks, inspired by TED Talks! Learn about positive mental imagery and how it can benefit athletes, performers, and everyday individuals in their pursuit of happiness and success. 🎟️ Don’t miss out on the chance to see “Singin’ in the Rain” live on stage! Opening tonight at 7 p.m., with additional showtimes throughout the weekend. Get your tickets online or at the door! 📺 That’s a wrap for today’s Talking Picture edition of the Renegade Morning Show! Remember to tune in every Monday through Thursday for the Shawnee Wake Up and every Friday for more exciting episodes. Farewell, Shawnee! 🌟 #RenegadeMorningShow #ShawneeWakeUp #DigitalMedia #WellnessTalks #MusicalTheater