Attack of the Segments!


Today’s edition of the Renegade Morning Show was jam-packed with segments! The show begins with a time-lapse of the new studio floor painted by Will Maier and Andy Kirkwood and Bobby Tanzola’s Cinema 4D RMS Full Screen Graphic. Brandon Beringer, Brett Yoncak, Megan Swiatkowski, and Wayne Wanzor host the first 4 host show! Ryan Snowden captured Shawnee’s spirit with a recap of the Pep Rally! He also produced a Man on the Street interview with Shawnee’s last of the “Sims Trilogy,” Ryan Sims, asking Shawnee who’s gonna win the World Series! Brett Yoncak and Ryan Fitzgerald also produced another Man on The Street segment asking for Shawnee’s opinion of the award-winning series “Shufflepuck”! To cap off all of this excitement, Andy Kirkwood produced his newly beloved series “Youtube Video of the Week”!

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