Renegade Morning Show – January 5, 2024


🌅 The Renegade Morning Show | January 5, 2024: New Year, New Vibes! 🌅 Good morning, Shawnee! Kick off your day with the latest updates and laughs on The Renegade Morning Show. Join hosts Tyler Davis and Hannah Short! Stay tuned for an exclusive chat with the wrestling team about their upcoming competition. Zach Braatz also sits down with the Latin Club to discover their latest activities. The hosts share a countdown to upcoming Shawnee events that’ll surely lift your spirits. Don’t miss the lively banter, updates, and the Shawnee Wake Up every Monday to Thursday. Have a fantastic weekend, and remember to tune in for more Renegade Morning Show fun! 🎉 Find us at and @Shawneetvinsta on Instagram