TV Broadcasting I

TV Broadcasting I Students are introduced to communication theories and tools. TVI emphasizes both resources and experiences in video production. It covers pre-production planning, camera...

SHS-October Students of the Month

9 10 11 12 Alex Goldfinger Megan Bill Augustin Gray Amanda Zawatcki

Art and Video Collaboration- Veterans Appreciation Project

Shawnee TV, Yellow Ribbon Club, Art Major Class, Administration and Veterans collaborate taking inspiration from stories and experiences recorded to create art that will...

Chris Herren #projectpurple

"Kid's who feel good about themselves will never, ever want to hurt somebody. And often they'll be the ones who want to step in...

Man on The Street Interviews

TV Broadcasting 1 students first editing project- students brainstorm a list of questions, team up and capture audio and video interviews with students in...

HD Videos Keepsake $30

Attention Students and Parents!! Shawnee TV is selling HD videos on keepsake USB thumbdrives. The price is $30 cash or check made out to Shawnee...