Renegade Morning show 2-15-24


🌞 Rise and shine, Shawnee! Welcome to another exciting episode of the Renegade Morning Show! Today is February 15th, and it’s Day 1. I’m Josh, and I’m Tyler, your hosts for today’s show! 😴 Feeling bored lately? Tyler shares his struggles with finding activities at home, but Josh comes to the rescue with a suggestion to check out a recent book review by Jess and Sunny. Will it spark Tyler’s interest? 📚 Tune into our Book Segment to discover the latest reads recommended by your fellow students! 🎶 Curious about music-themed questions? Chris Adams hits the halls to gather student opinions. Let’s see what they have to say in our Adams Music Segment! 🇮🇹 Ever wondered about the Italian Club at Shawnee? Our TV 2 students dive into an interview with Prof to explore what’s offered inside. Get a glimpse of the Italian culture and language in our Italian News Package! 💡 Ready to learn something new? Our condensed version of Cool Factz is here to enlighten you with intriguing tidbits. You might just discover something unexpected! 📅 Stay tuned for surprising Valentine’s Day facts that you never knew you needed to know in our Cool Factz segment! 🎥 That wraps up today’s show, Shawnee! Don’t forget to join us every Monday through Thursday for the Shawnee Wake Up and every Friday for the Renegade Morning Show! Have a fantastic day, Shawnee! 🌟 #RenegadeMorningShow #ShawneeWakeUp #StudentLife