Renegade Morning Show – October 20, 2023


Welcome to the Renegade Morning Show: Phillies Edition! Join hosts Hannah Short and Zach Braatz as they bring you an action-packed episode dedicated to the Philadelphia Phillies. In this episode, we’ve got a fantastic lineup for you: 💡 Cool Facts: Dive deep into fascinating facts about the Phillies, and you’ll leave with a wealth of knowledge about the team. 🎮 E-Sports Recap: Find out what Shawnee’s E-Sports team has been up to – the gaming world is buzzing! 🗨️ Itchy Segment: Steve and Oliver hit the hallways to ask intriguing questions and capture some surprising responses. 🔴 Game Day Outfits: Get ready for some major inspiration! Check out the awesome game day outfits people are flaunting to support the Phillies. Hannah and Zach share their love for the Phillies, discussing everything from the team’s iconic color theme to the electrifying October atmosphere in Philly. So, if you’re a Phillies fan or just someone looking for a fun and informative show, don’t miss this episode of the Renegade Morning