Renegade Morning Show 1-18-20

Hosts Ben Barry (left) and Danny Krastek (Right)

The second Renegade Morning Show of 2020 went so smooth, some would question if we use butter or not.

Behind the Scenes of our RMS set

Our show couldn’t have gone better without our director, John Oleniacz (Junior), who led the way and Technical Director, Darren West (Junior).

John Oleniacz (middle) putting on his headset
John looking preparing to run through the first rehearsal

Another great script for the show, thanks to Steven Estacio (Junior) who is our go-to script writer. Huge shout out to him!

Steven Estacio writing the script for the final read of it by the director

Finally our segment producer, Anthony Rubano, posing next to his MOTS where he asked people to make a beat and in the end made a song out of everyone’s creative beats.

Anthony Rubano (Left and Right (woah! Two Anthony’s (Crazy!!!)))