RMS | More Oklahoma and Blood Drive, Dance Team, and Chioma


This week’s show was hosted by Ali Hakim and Will Parker from Shawnee’s 2014-2015 musical Oklahoma!. Ali and Will were played by Nick Proto and Aidan Vogel.

We started off our show this week with a cool intro from Austin Marsdale trip to New York City. Afterwards, we got a time-lapse from Veronica Robertson of makeup application from one of our actresses from Oklahoma!. Next, Zach Fields gave us a Man on The Street asking folks what their favorite state is (the answer is Oklahoma). After that Kelsey Haines gave us a cool montage of the Shawnee Dance Team, it’s funky. Austin Marsdale finally brought back Awkward Interviews this week, attacking last week’s blood drive, it was great.

Two years ago, Chioma brought her enthusiasm and her great personality to The Renegade Morning Show with her segment series Chioma Says. We ended our show looking back at her great work, as Chioma moves on to South Carolina.