RMS | 6ABC Field Trip


ShawneeTV had the opportunity to visit and take a tour of 6ABC in Philadelphia this week. Our Renegade Morning Show this week was filmed just outside, it was hosted by Katie Carr and Austin Marsdale.

Austin Marsdale started off our show this week with a recreation of 6ABC’s intro sequence to their newscasts, it was really well done. Next Justin O’Donnell gave us a quick recap of ShawneeTV’s tour of the 6ABC studio. Then we showed some of our own studio with a reairing of Justin O’Donnell’s What Is ShawneeTV. After that we were given a glimpse at LDTV’s own studio and production with a spot about their Option 2 internship program. Then Austin Marsdale gave us a report about what happened this week. The photo club was also busy this week, Veronica Robertson gave us a Photos of The Week on the tour of 6ABC. Finally, Sean Scannell’s closer this week was about choices.

Have a great weekend everyone!