Shawnee TV Virtual Meeting 5-11-20

Shawnee TV video call

Shawnee TV is getting back into the swing of things! Today we hosted a virtual meeting on Zoom to discuss our upcoming Friday Renegade Morning Show. This will be completely produced from home and by the students. Coming up this week we have…

Mid-video call with a guest appearance by Vice Principal Mr. Bookwalter (Bottom Right)

Sterotypes: Quarantiune edition, by Tech 3 and edited by Tommy Cahill.

Graphic inspired from Dude Perfect Videos

Next up we will have Shawnee students and local members of the Shawnee community discussing their initial thoughts on Covid-19 and how they are coping with it. This is produced by Shawnee TV President: Hannah Meyer.

Darren West talking about what he misses most about school

Finally we have a Shawnee Extra covering the partnership between Murphy’s Marketplace and the Medford Lakes Lions, who have teamed up to deliver groceries to at risk members of our community.

Suzy West (Vice President of Medford Lakes Lions) standing infront of a Murphy’s bag yet to be delivered

Check out these segments this Friday on our YouTube page or on our Instagram to see all the work our students are putting in at home.