RMS I Top 10 Days of the Week, Music Lessons, and Whisper Challenge

  This week's super show was hosted by David Hamaty and Hunter Smith. David Hamaty went through an interesting learning experience about the days of the...

January Students of the Month

  Congratulations to the following Student of the Month Winners! Freshman - Jacob Kozmor Sophomore - Drew Brennan Junior - Kiernan Snow Senior - Patrick Hurley

RMS I New Years

  This Year's show was hosted by Zach Meyer and Talon Lauriello. Our show this week was all about New Year's, Talon Lauriello and Blaire Brinster...

RMS I Hunter’s Happy Holiday Special

  This week's winter wonderland RMS was hosted by Hunter Smith and Madison LaPlante in the style of a black and white 50's TV Holiday...

RMS I Photo Show, DECA Mug, and LUCY

  This week's show was hosted by Kelsey Haines and Matt Carpenter. With the upcoming Photo Show Matt Carpenter and Nadiv Steinberg decided to go around...

Shawnee Extra Fall 2015

  00:18- Girls Cross Country 02:33- Animal Welfare Club 04:47- Fall Drama 06:53- Kids for Wish Kids Club 08:57- Robotics 11:12- Girl's Field Hockey 13:25- Shawnee Marching Band 15:38- Girl's Gymnastics

RMS | Memorial Memories, Homeroom Headlines, and Student Section

This week's show was hosted by David Hamaty and Lena Herman. The Memorial Middle School Homeroom Headlines classes came to view our show and our...

RMS | Jenga, POTW, and States

This week's show was hosted by Sean Herb and Talon Lauriello. Tovly decided to splurge for the holidays and order Giant Jenga, Shawnee TV got...

SOTM October

Congratulations to the following SOTM Winners! Freshman - Alyssa Curilla Sophomore - Noa Potoczak Junior - Molly Baechler Senior - Julianna Sandell

RMS | Blue and White Night Thanksgiving

Our Thanksgiving Show was hosted by Dylan Tollefson and Nadiv Steinberg. Blue and White night happened last week and Sean Herb, Matt Mathis, Robert Wagner,...